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At the bottom of the river Suså lives the thick-shelled river mussel (Unio Crassus). But there are only a few living species left. Therefore, the EU has granted 9.3 million. DKK to the municipality of Næstved to improve its living conditions and create more habitats. Exactly what actions and changes that are needed to ensure the survival of the mussel are now being investigated by the municipality of Næstved. The goal is that in ten years there will be twice as many fish species and four times as many fish in the river Suså – more fish are essential for the survival of the mussel’s youngsters.

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Dette projekt – LIFE 15 NAT/DK/000948 UC Life Denmark – er finansieret med støtte fra LIFE-programmet under EU-Kommissionen.
Denne hjemmeside forpligter kun forfatteren – Næstved Kommune, og EU-Kommissionen kan ikke drages til ansvar for brug af oplysningerne heri.

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